I love to do all sorts of hairstyles, but a simple bun is my favourite.  A bun gets your hair up quickly and out of your face.
Here’s my messy bun tutorial, hope you like it. : )

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I have played the cello since I was 8yrs old and I now get to play as the lead cellist in the BlueScope Youth Orchestra.

My first cello was a 1/4 size and I loved it, and never wanted to let it go even when I was too big for it.  Then I got a 3/4 size cello which soon became my favourite. : )  Unfortunately I kept growing, but once I got a full size one, I felt ‘so grown up’ and I had a new favourite.  It seems that whichever cello I have at the time is my favourite and I want to keep it forever.  : )

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A few weeks ago, I had the honour of lettering on the window at One Off Studio!
While we were having a break at our clay workshop, I lettered on one of the coffee cups and Mel asked if I could letter on their front window.  I had never lettered on glass before and loved the challenge.  While everyone else finished off their glazing, I came up with this!

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The guitar is one of my favourite instruments.  It is great for backing chords and composing music on.  Most of my compositions start from sitting on my bedroom floor, playing around with chords on my guitar.  I then record the chords into my phone, and play a melody over the top them.  I can’t wait to make some recordings of my compositions hopefully for an album!

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Hey there!

My name is actually Danielle, but when I was born, my older sister, Steph, wouldn’t say the ‘Dan’ part and only called me ‘Ielle’.  Normally people called Danielle go by Dani, but my mum really liked the ‘elle’ part of my name, so I am D’elle which has now become Delle.

I became a Christian when I was 4 yrs old and have loved serving God ever since.

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